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Can I take Bach Flower remedies together with other medication?

Bach Flower remedies don’t effect the physical body and can not influence or cause negative effects on a physical level. The Flower Essences are Liquid plant extracts 100% natural. Bach flowers work on the emotional and psychological state of the person. When you suffer from certain emotions, like guilt feelings or depression, they will be brought back in balance through Bach Flower remedies. This bringing the person back in harmony with their true self and making them feel better about themselves. Because no physical matter is present (they are vibrational in nature) they are safe to be combined with other medication. Although always check with your healthcare provider if in doubt.



How long does it take to see results?

We are all different and unique in our response to remedies. Some people feel an effect quickly, for others the process is so subtle that they only become aware of their changes through the feedback of their loved ones.

Can I take Bach Flower Remedies with any other Therapies I am Receiving?

Bach Flower remedies can be combined with any other forms of therapy as there is Reiki, shiatsu, acupuncture, massage, kinesiology, foot reflexology, you name it. It does not matter what kind of treatment you are getting; Bach Flower remedies can always be combined. Often you will see an acceleration in the result when they are combined.

Are the remedies safe for people with allergies?

The beauty of the system is that the remedies don’t contain any active principle from the plants that could potentially trigger some allergy reaction.




How long does a  30 ml dropper bottle last? 

The individualized 30ml dropper bottle taken regularly will cover about 3-4 weeks treatment.




How do I take the remedies? 

If you have a personalized mix bottle, 4 drops, 4 times per day is the dosage Dr. Bach found ideal. However, some people feel confident to take the remedies less or more frequently. The feelings associated with this are usually discussed in the follow up session.




Are the remedies suitable  for pets?

Yes . The remedies can help our little friends too. However, since they can’t speak and comunicate to us their feelings we need to pay attention to their behaviours and understand the emotion behind or the personality type.

What is the dosage for animals?

It is the same as for humans. However, if you have to treat  little  animals as birds or big animals as horses,  the dosage can be decreased or raised aggordingly.

NOTE: it is suggested always to diluite the remedies in water.



What if I have concern about the alcohol contained in the remedies?

The content of alcohol in a 30 ml bottle which contain up to 12 drops of stock and 1 teaspoon of brandy to preserve is minimal when you take 4 drops from this mix and dilute them in a glass of water.   

However, if you are still concerned you can also ask your BFRP  to prepare an alcohol free mix bottle preserved with glycerin. In this case the cost of the mix bottle can vary depending on availability and cost of alcohol free stocks which are produced in limited quantities.




Is it safe to take remedies when you are pregnant?

The only concern could be related to the little amount of alcohol. However, if in doubt you can ask for medical advice or just ask for an alcohol free mix bottle.




Why do I need  a practitioner?

The Bach system was meant to be simple to use. By using the description of the remedies and asssociated emotions its possible for everyone to give them a go. However,  sometimes to detect and understand emotions we are experiencing we need an objective perspective. The role of a practitioner is to  teach you to use the system for yourself  by guiding you to select the right remedies combination.




Are remedies suitable for children?

Yes. They can help children with their emotional challenges and moody states, or with their anxiety or fear's. You can choose a glycerin remedy for children rather then a remedy preserved in alcohol.




Is it true that also plants benefit from the remedies?

Yes . the remedies can be used on indoor and outdoor plants.

For example rescue remedy can be used on flowers in a vase or plants in the garden.


Bach Flower therapy is one of the most safest and natural ways of healing that exist's. It can be applied to infants, children, adults and elderly. The remedies are made from the vibrational imprint of the plant material a similar principle to homeopathy, and give's no side effects. They can be combined with any other method of treatment and/or medication. The treatment with Dr Bach's remedies are not to be taken instead of medicinal treatment but can compliment and add extra support on an emotional level to your exsisting treatments. Always check with your medical healthcare provider if in doubt.



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