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What will happen during a Bach Consultation

The consultation provides an opportunity for the client to talk about themselves in a supportive, non-judgemental environment. During the consultation, the practitioner will look for indications of emotional states which may have become out of balance. After discussing these with the client, a treatment bottle will be made up, containing the Flower Remedies which will help re-balance these states.

Each individual Remedy contains the positive virtue necessary to balance the negative which has been indicated.

The treatment bottle will last about 3-4 weeks, during which time the Remedies will work gently and subtly. Some people feel an effect immediately, but, others may not notice anything until loved ones tell them they “seem better”.

When the treatment bottle is finished, a follow-up consultation is recommended. During this, their progress is reviewed. Often, this has been so marked, that the client can barely remember what they were taking the remedies for! However, sometimes new remedies are also indicated. This is because, once some emotional states are brought into balance, deeper lying imbalances can come to the surface. Only by treating these too, will true healing be achieved.

The first consultation lasts up to 1 hour and costs £40 (including Remedies) Postage to be added

Follow-up consultations last up to 40 minutes and cost £30 (including Remedies) Postage to be added

Refill remedy bottle £7.00 Postage to be added

Consultation is by zoom, Postage of remedy bottle to any UK address.

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