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Bach Flower Essence Rock Rose is an effective, natural way to treat feelings of extreme panic and terror.   Rock Rose aids in balancing the mind’s energies by restoring courage, calmness and mental clarity. Through using this essence you can develop renewed courage as extreme fears are left in the past. You can find a solution for controlling feelings of panic and extreme fear. Life can sometimes cause us to experience terrible circumstances which are extremely difficult to deal with. Dr Bach incorporated Bach Flower Essence Rock Rose into his “Crisis” formulation as it helps to restore courage, calmness and mental clarity to those recovering from trauma. Bach Flower Essence Rock Rose is used today to reduce feelings of panic and aid clear thinking.







Bach Flower Essence Rock Rose (Helianthemum Nummularium)

SKU: 0014BRR
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  • Grape Alcohol 27% v/v Flower extract of rock rose

    20 ml Dropper bottle


    Dispatches from  small UK business

    Dispatch within 1 - 2 working days

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