Welcome To Alchemy Earth Botanicals Website

Alchemy Earth Botanicals online shop makes Natural Plant Products Wild Sourced, Home Grown or Organically Sourced, they are all lovingly hand made & natural.

This Shop was created by me with the aim of making available Chemically Free Products from Nature. You can buy from me knowing that you are buying from a small batch made with quality products. Using as many Organic and Sustainable ingredients and Packaging as possible, from my Cardboard Boxes for my soaps and Glass Bottles for my liquids. Recyclable and Enviroment friendly.

You will find Salves for Topical Skincare, Auric sprays to Raise Vibration, Mood and Space Clearing using the Potentency of Essential Oils, Infused Herb Oils & Floral Waters.

I also craft Smudge Sticks and Cones made from my Home Grown Garden Herbs and Hedgerow Herbs & craft my own home made Deodrants and Soaps.

My ingredients are Wholesome and Natural, not Tested on Animals, and cater to people looking for alternatives to the Chemical laden and Mass produced products on the shop shelves

I use the New Moon and Full Moon along with Sound Vibration (Alchemy Crystal Bowls) to Infuse, Energise, and Recharge, My Oils and Aura sprays, This raises the frequency and vibration of the products I create.

My products are Lovingly and Consciously created, Natural and High Vibrational.

Alchemy Earth Botanicals also offers Vibrational Therapies for Relaxation, Emotional Issues and Pain Issues, Bach Flower Essences and Homeobotanicals (Herbal Blends Potentised Homoeopathically)

Thank you for browsing my pages.