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Discover Your Emotional Balance with Our Bach Flower Consultation
Welcome To Alchemy Earth Botanicals Website

At Alchemy Earth Botanicals, we are passionate about the power of flowers, trees, and nature in general. As a Registered Bach Flower Practitioner and Nature Connection guide, I have seen first hand how the natural world around us can improve mental and emotional health. For me, using flower remedies isn't just a job– it's a calling. I believe that nature has a unique and powerful way of healing us, and that flower remedies are an important part of that process, dealing with the emotional aspects of our being. I have spent several years learning everything I can about the power of flower essences. I am passionate about using my knowledge to help people achieve emotional and spiritual wellness.


In addition to offering a wide variety of flower remedies, I also offer hands-on workshops on how to create your own chemical-free Botanical products, How to identify and use specific plants and herbs to create your own botanical blends.

My mission is to bring the power of botanicals into your daily life, Empowering you with the knowledge of how to incorporate them. My offerings include knowledge of essential oils, plant-based remedies, and natural cosmetics, You will gain the knowledge of how to make your own skincare products, first aid balms, and chemical free cleaning products and take that knowledge home.

Alchemy Earth Botanicals

As a certified nature connection guide, I specialize in helping you slow down from the hectic pace of everyday life so that you can connect with our earth in a meaningful way, I believe that nature has a powerful transformative effect on the mind and soul. My aim is to help people slow down and reconnect with the natural world around us, allowing them to rediscover their sense of wonder and inner peace. I offer a range of services including guided sensory nature walks, workshops, and plant identification walks, that are designed to deepen your bond with the natural world.

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As a sound practitioner, I work with gong, alchemy bowls and Himalayan bowls to create a relaxing and meditative space for my clients. Our sound sessions are perfect for those looking to reduce stress, promote overall wellness, and release any physical and emotional blocks. If you’d like to learn more about the healing benefits of sound therapy, reach out today and schedule a session with me.

My name is Dee and I am the founder of Alchemy Earth Botanicals. My love and deep respect for nature comes from playing in the rivers and woods covered in bluebells and primroses In Hampshire and the deep connection that fostered in me as a child, This is where my journey started. I spent days in the woods walking with my german shepherds observing them in a natural enviroment and just being in nature. I have always had a connection to plants and flowers and being in nature is like my safety zone, it recharges me, fills me with awe and admiration for such beauty and I want to share my passion and help you nurture your own connection to our natural world, and the health benefits that offers. I offer a range of natural products and services designed to help you look after your Mind, Body, and  Emotions.

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