If you consider that all things in the universe including humans, vibrate at certain levels it may be easier to understand.


A flower essence is made most often by solar infusions of fresh blooms in glass or quartz bowls of distilled water. Each flower contains distinct and etheric patterns that are transferred into the water and then stabilized in a small amount of brandy. The unique frequencies with which flowers vibrate are able to affect the human body and allow new patterns of energy to emerge

Vibrational Remedies  are considered to be associated with energy, frequency and vibrations rather than the chemical and biological content of conventional medicines that work on the bio-physical dysfunctions.

In summary, whenever emotions or thoughts are out of balance, vibrational essences can be helpful. When the patterns of vibration of the human body/mind becomes disrupted or obstructed, essences can be offered to address the specific frequencies of distress experienced by the body/mind in the now.

Vibrational Essences are a very natural and safe way of healing. They have no side effects and can easily be integrated into any program of care as they do not interfere with other forms of treatments.

Vibrational essences carry the life force, energy or energetic imprint of flowers/trees enviroments & gem stones. They are NOT essential oils and do NOT contain any physical material. The energy of the plant material communicates/resonates with our energy, as we are energy ourselves.