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 Reiki Ray Healing
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This Healing is handed down by the modern mystery school.

The Ensofic Ray is based on Jikiden reiki (directly handed down) to Mr Usui.

This system taps into the original and purest source of Reiki, which was not only a hands-on healing technique, but a method of awakening to a higher spiritual purpose.

It utilizes the stillness of the mind to tap into the infinite source of light and all potentiality- also called the Ensof.

This system of healing and alignment uses this source to bring regeneration to your body, soul, and spirit.

It is a gentle modality suited for all people in all walks of life and has been a potent physical and emotional healing for thousands of people.

What does the healing do?

It facilitates clearing out any negative energy and removing all stagnancy  (Byokan) as well as restructuring our energetic and etheric fields to increase flow of energy and purify us.

It reconnects us to the very Source of Light which is called in during the sessions

​A reiki session involves a client sitting comfortably in a chair or lying on a table fully clothed.

The practitioner may choose to include Music, Crystals, Essential Oils, Vibrational Room Sprays if they feel guided.

A table session typically lasts about 60 minutes, it will be a deeply relaxing and cleansing session.

You will be held in a sacred space while soothing energy flows to wherever it is most needed.

Recipients report feeling relaxed, centered, grounded, refreshed and energized, among others, following a session.

Contact for an appointment

Free 20 minute phone consultation

1 hour appointment £30

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