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Since ancient times herbal baths layered with fresh natural and dried elements were used to fight colds, reduce aches and pains, heal wounds, lift bad moods and soothe skin conditions.

This herb bath bag contains skin caring herbs with the added benefit of epsom salts for those aching muscles. Enjoy the benefits of this herbal bath as the herbs get absorbed by the skin.




Red Clover - The properties found in the red clover are effective at improving your skin tone and complexion. Regular use is known to increase skin elasticity.


Lavender - Helps fight stress and fatigue a nervine that relaxes and just winds you down. It also has properties that help inflammation.


Oatstraw - Helps with inflammatory skin conditions  another nervine herb to help ease stress and tension.


Epsom Salts - Contains magnesium sulphates know to help ease muscle aches and also helps your skin to absorb magnesium helping you to relax.


Powdered milk -  You are getting the benefits of relaxing and reducing stress in a warm, comforting bath — plus you are taking advantage of the soothing and hydrating properties of milk.


Directions for use


Place your herb bag in a jug or bowl of warm water and leave to steep for an hour. Wring the bag out and add the liquid to your bath along with essential oils of your choosing.


The herb bag may be able to give you 2 baths so infuse again for the next night or dry out gently for when you want to next use.

You will be able to wash the sachet out and use the bag after you have finished your herb bath.

Herbal Bath Bag

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  • Ingredients

    Trifolium pratense ( red clover) Lavendula angustifolia (lavender flowers) Avena sativa  (oatstraw) Magnesium sulfate (epsom salts) Powdered milk

    Weight 122g


    Dispatched from a small UK business


    Dispatches within 1 - 2 working days

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