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Stirrings from the dark winter Snowdrop an essence for grief

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

As the cold dark winter releases its grip allowing warmer days to be felt in between the throes of icy cold, the flowers are beginning to poke their heads through the soil and the trees are waking up. Nature is welcoming of the spring, bringing a new energy of rebirth and renewal. Everything is begining to gather its energy after a winter hibernation ready to burst forth with new vigour and life. Movement is beginning beneath our feet deep underground, where like us, all is stirring readying for the warmer months to come. Snowdrop flowers have long been featured in myth and legend. As early heralds of spring, the blossoms symbolize hope, fertility, renewal, and rebirth, while the white petals signify purity and modesty. There are many folklores that are generally associated with Snowdrops. One of the most interesting stories comes from Germany. In the beginning when God created the earth, he asked the flowers to give some of their color to the snow. All the flowers refused, but the Snowdrop mercifully gave the Snow its color. In return, the Snowdrop was given permission to bloom each year before all the other flowers. From then on, the Snow and the Snowdrop became best friends, always there for each other. The moral of the story is that modesty and generosity have a purifying quality for everyone. it is a story of joy, friendship and connection between Snowdrops and Snow. The latin name for snowdrop Galanthus nivalis translates as Milkflower of the snow, also known as the fair maid of february a much adored sight in the bleak late winter days in Britain. Snowdrop is a messenger of the seasons, that the darkest moment of winter has passed and that there are happenings of life in the roots beneath the earth; spring is imminent. Snowdrop can be taken as a flower essence, it helps you release your grief, it helps your heart melt any hard lumps that have been stored there when you weren’t able to grieve properly. It knows how it feels to long for life and warmth. It brings hope that Spring will eventually come and we will feel fully alive again Saskia founder of Bush Flower Essences says "Often taking Snowdrop releases the tears we were unable to shed at the time giving a sense of being cleansed and refreshed and ready to continue with our lives again". Is not Nature Beautiful!

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