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Sensory Nature Connection

Walking along the muddy trails with the rain beating down, I was struck by the beautiful tiny buds on the trees Hawthorn, Blackthorn all coming forth. For a moment, I caught a glimpse of a young ash tree it branches reaching out like arms with tiny buds appearing, and raindrops suspended hanging on the buds. It was beautiful like a lighted Xmas tree, only the drops were transparent filled with light. I stood mesmerized, suspended in time, just watching a drop fall and another cling, hanging on the buds as the rain fell. Time passed before I moved on my way over deep muddy verges, rain falling heavy. I loved the sound of the pattering rain falling through the branches and off my jacket. Again, I was mesmerized suspended in a sensory moment of connection with the natural world. As I continued walking through the muddy terrain, water soaked in through the holes in my boots and I could feel it soaking into my socks and touching my feet, this wet coldness. I must say I was feeling a giggle come as it made me reminiscent of times passed. (As a child Walking home after a day in the woods covered in mud wet from the rivers with a bunch of wild flowers in my hands). I walked on noticing deeply everything around me, the vibrancy, life and the new growth. Lords and ladies unfurling their shiny leaves gather in clusters, almost chattering together. Purple dead nettle coming up here and there with beautiful splashes of purple as the flowers begin to display. Cleavers green in the young stages of growth looking vibrant and refreshed nourished by the rain. I walked on taking moments to just take in the beauty all around me and catch the colours on display. No words can explain these moments, this was a truly beautiful sensory walk with nature.

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